Why are women so obsessed with Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Creating a classy statement dunked in the true spirit of feminism is what saree goals are all about. And when it comes to blending an ethnic flavor to this eternal game, Kanchipuram silk sarees have the last laugh. The richness of color, drenched with the thickness of fabric in these pure gold and silver zari Silk sarees are probably the best-kept secret of Tamil Nadu’s age-old heritage. With stark precision in the Pallu, body, and the hem, these authentic six-yards, woven from pure mulberry silk, are a tell-tale of a bizarre quality of craftsmanship synonymous with the ancient art of saree making.

The good news is, the high-cost Kanjivaram sarees with their original zari works now come in a budgeted version too. The compromised versions of these sarees with imitation zari threads, which still manage to stay true to the shine of their original masterpieces, explains why these sarees are gaining popularity years after years.

Want to unearth some quick facts about what makes these Kanjivaram silk saree so special? This is where you fit right in.

So what really goes behind the eternal Kanjivaram obsession?

Attending a seasonal wedding? South Indian or not, if you find at least 5 in 15 women, including the bride, draped in scorching golden heavy silks highlighted by extreme threadworks, they are none other than Kanchipuram silk sarees. And to find out the exact reasons for their popularity, probably you need to look inside their features first.

So, let’s take a look…

1.Vibrant shades:

It’s the richness of color associated with Kanchipuram silk sarees, which make them the most appealing to women of all ages. These rich silks are available in attractive shades of maroon, vermillion, red, yellow, orange, mustard, green and a lot more.

But the most unique about these six-yards are their Pallus which are designed in absolute contrast to the rest of the saree.

2.Large variety:

When it comes to picking one from the palette, the wide variety of these sarees, are sure to leave every six-yard admirer in awe.

In fact, there are now four main types of these sarees to choose from…

I.The original heavy silk with pure zari work ranging between Rs. 4000 to 200000

II.Lightweight and colorful pure silk or textile combined with half-fine zari threads ranging from Rs. 2000

III.The lightweight half-silk-half polyester (art silks) with pure zari work with a price range around 300

IV.The half-silk-half-synthetic sarees with imitation metal or copper zari threads

3.Rich historical heritage:

The origin of these legendary silk sarees goes back to 400 years when the weavers from the small town, Kanchipuram were considered the direct descendants of Sage Markanda, God’s own weaver. This is why every Kanjivaram saree tells a story and promises to drape a woman with true Indian ethnicity and culture.

4.Unique weaving technique:

With a weaving tradition, not less than 150 years, the Kanchipuram silk sarees combine South Indian mulberry silk colored threads and magnificent Gujarat zari work with separate shuttle works, each for the Pallu, border, and the body, with impeccable attention to detail. It’s the intricacy of joining the body with the Pallu that makes each saree unique.

And now ripped off by the global retail giants, these original techniques have been enormously revived, adapted and repurposed with a wider range of designs and colors so that every woman can afford these sarees without breaking the bank.

Guess what, these changes could not fade the true essence of a Kanjivaram saree albeit the durability, quality of work and cost are the staple factors that make one saree different from another.

5.Rich motifs and designs:

A Kanchipuram saree offers a wide range of mythology and scriptures inspired designs and motif patterns, including checks, stripes, figurines, temple borders, animals, birds, flowers, fruits, suns, moons, and even chariots. It’s these distinguished metaphorical works, wide contrast borders and rich paintings in the Pallus, which together turn these festive and bridal South Indian sarees into a Millennial piece of conversation for occasions of all sizes.

6.Geographical identity allies with authenticity:

Finally, one of the most celebrated features of the Kanjivaram silk saree is probably it’s protection vows. An Act of 1999 makes these sarees a true Geographical symbol by endorsing them with a hallmark GI tag, which clearly states that only the authorized weavers and societies can sell these sarees, and nobody else. This feature, no doubt, makes women feel at safety when they are on a buying spree of a genuine saree like Kanjivaram.

The bottom line is, from offbeat vintage to mainstream runways, Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram sarees fit the vibes of every occasion with a true Indian ethos. The kind of quality and versatility they offer in terms of their intricate thread works, design, colors and workmanship, speak for their ability to play across cultures and span across eras and still remain the top choice by women of every age.

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