What Are The Different Types Of Formats Of A Resume?

Making a resume is the most crucial thing when you are looking for a job. You can resume yourself or use resumebuild.com, but it is important to know the formats even if you are using an online source. Three types of main formats are used in the process of making the resume.

You can use these formats based on the resume and your skills based on the job. There are three types of formats,

  • Chronological resume
  • Functional resume
  • Hybrid resume

These are the three main types of formats that people use for making their resumes. There are many other formats, but these three formats are known worldwide and accepted if you look into the mainly used ones.

Let’s get into the details of these formats so that you can decide which one is the best for you and your job.

Chronological resume

It is a format in which your work experience is in reverse-chronological order. That means you start your work experience from the latest one. You have to put the previous work experience at the top so that the recruiter will be able to see if you are right for the job or not. 

It can help the recruiter know if you are good enough for the job or not. This format is the most fav one of employers. It is so because it can directly lead them to the thing they need to know without going through the unnecessary items.

Functional resume

It is another format, and it is less common than the chronological resume. Here in this format, you put more emphasis on the skills of the person. The chronological resume highlights the work experience and this functional resume highlights the skills of a person.

This is the most useful format for the people who have gaps in their work experience time period. When you have been shifting your careers and moving here and there with it with no set goal. This format can help you showcase your plus points, i.e., your skills, and not the things that can go negatively. It is because recruiters can think that you are not determined enough for the job if you have been unemployed for some time in the past.

Hybrid resume

This resume format is also known as the combination resume. With the name’s help, you must have got an idea of the aspect covered in this format. This resume format is a mixture or a blend of functional and chronological resume format. This resume format helps you shed light on the relevant skills and your work experience in the past years. 

It is a flexible format, and that is why you can put the work experience first or even your skills. It doesn’t matter much because you want to showcase both the things in the best way. It is the best format for people who have changed their careers a lot of times in the past years. That experience can lead to having multiple skills in different aspects that can be useful for a recruiter in different ways.

The bottom lines,

There are different formats for making a resume, and you can use them as per your work experience. It is imperative to be honest and show the best in you to the recruiter; that is why you need the best format.

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