Wedding Gowns!

Imagine…. The wedding is on cards! Dream destination booked. You are about to get united with your loved one forever. Who wouldn’t want to look like a million dollar on their big day? The one thing that stresses out most of the brides is their wedding dress or hochzeitkleider. Being it the traditional white wedding in a Gothic church or an uber cool wedding on a poolside, no bride wants to compromise on their wedding dress.

Different Styles of Wedding Gowns:

The style of the wedding dress depends on the region, culture, religion, economic status, etc. White wedding gowns are extremely popular in the west. It was Queen Victoria, who popularized this attire in 1840 during her wedding. And, since then, this outfit has only seen popularity.

In the east, there are a plethora of wedding apparels. In India, most of the brides wear saree albeit in many different ways. Then, there is lehenga in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In Cambodia, the traditional khmer wedding dress is always accompanied by Sarong and A dai in Vietnam. In the east, brides are normally seen to be picking red-colored wedding dress since it is equated with auspiciousness.

Following the importance accorded to the wedding dresses or hochzeitkleiderin any culture; there are a number of designer houses offering customized wedding dresses to help the brides look their best on their D Day.

Wedding Gowns in the Modern Era:

In modern times, the brides can be seen experimenting with their hochzeitkleider. They go for different colors that reflect their personalities, the style that they are comfortable with and of course the price they can afford. Hence, designer houses have become the go-to option, who manage everything for the bride. Contrary to the conventional notion that we carry regarding designer houses, there are many affordable ones cropping up with budding designers. Now, no bride would go unassisted just because she doesn’t have money to splurge.

Wedding gowns have a lot of sentiments attached to it. It is not uncommon to find brides wanting to involve a piece of their mother’s bridal dress or re-invite it in its entirety to suit the modern trends.

In many cultures, the veil is an important part of the hochzeitkleider. The cultural significance of adorning a veil may be various. Whatever be the level of importance, veils are also given equal importance while designing the dress. Be it transparent, opaque or just a headgear, they add elegance to the bride.

Men’s Wedding Dresses:

Wedding dresses are of equal importance to men too around the world. While their dresses too change accordingly like Sherwani and Veshti in India, khmerboran in Cambodia etc., we can find most of the grooms resorting to the classic suit.


Wedding dresses may have different necklines, different types of silhouettes, and may vary according to the length of the gown, color, work done, the fabric used, etc. Whatever be the difference, their lone agenda is to add elegance to the bride on her wedding, make her confident and bring out the beauty that is hidden in her.

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