Tips For Pairing VintageJewellery With Your Outfits

As any woman will tell you, the key to looking good in just about any outfit is pairing your accessories properly with your apparel. Whether it’s a beautiful vintage diamond ring, an antique eternity ring, or a platinum diamond ring, knowing how to pair vintage jewellery with your outfit will have you looking stylish and feeling good about your look all day long.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at sometips for pairing jewellery with your outfits. Let’s get started:

Choose The Right Vintage Jewellery For The Occasion-be sure to choose the rightvintage jewelleryfor the occasion. Consider the theme of the event. If it is a formal event like a wedding ceremony, annual office party or funeral, choose lighter antique jewellery to complement your dress. For birthday parties or a night out at the club, you may want to pair brightly coloured vintagejewellery with your outfit.

Enhance Your Look- your antiquejewellery should complement your outfit.Platinum, gold and silver vintage jewellery including a vintage diamond ring,antique eternity ring, or a platinum diamond ring, are traditional metals that many women love. There are many varieties of gemstones that were used in vintage jewellery including turquoise, sapphire or amethyst.

Versatility- when buying vintage or antique jewellery, make sure that it pairs well with most of the outfits in your wardrobe. The selection of metal type and gemstones determine whether your jewellery is versatile or not. Platinum, gold and silver vintage jewellery with lighter gemstones have more a neutral tone that are suitable for most events. Don’t forgetto include jewellery with bold and fiery colours for those fun events such as birthdays and holiday parties.

Size- when pairing vintage or antique jewellery with your outfit, it should be proportional to your features. Large antique jewellery could overpower your face and outfit. Likewise, your vintagejewellery shouldn’t too small, as it could become barely noticeable.

Whether you choose avintage diamond ring, an antique eternity ring, or a platinum diamond ring, pairing it properly with your outfit is the key to looking your stylish best.

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