Tips for Choosing the Right Bra for Breastfeeding

Nursing a baby is one of the best things a new mom can do for the health of her child. Although it allows for special bonding between mother and baby, it is not always easy. Having the right Nursing Sports Bra is crucial for breastfeeding moms. Knowing some criteria to consider when choosing a nursing bra will help new moms to make the right choice.

Why Does a Mom Need a Nursing Bra?

Although it certainly is not mandatory, many women find it much easier to breastfeed with the right bra. A breastfeeding bra allows a woman to support her breasts while offering easy access when it is time to breastfeed her baby.

Nursing bras can help to support women with larger breasts. They can ease the discomfort felt during the first few weeks of breastfeeding and will allow for breast shields to be put in place to help with sore nipples. These bras also offer the convenience of allowing nursing pads to be put in place to help absorb any milk leaks that may occur between feedings.

How to Choose a Nursing Bra

There are a few things to consider when choosing a nursing bra. Knowing what to look for will help to ensure new moms are able to find the perfect bra to help them comfortably support their breasts and provide access for their baby. A nursing bra should offer the highest level of comfort, among other attributes.

Nursing bras should fit comfortably without being too snug. If the bra presses into the breast tissue, it could cause the milk ducts to become compressed and clogged. This can lead to a painful infection called mastitis. Most women will need a larger bra than they wore before pregnancy. In the first few months of breastfeeding, a woman’s breasts will swell larger than normal, but this will eventually go down some.

It is wise for new moms to choose a bra that is made from natural materials like cotton. The bra should be soft all over and should not contain any underwires of support. These can dig into the breast tissue and cause discomfort and the possibility of blocked milk ducts. Soft cotton bras are the best choice. 

New moms should also ensure their bra has easy to operate flaps. If the flaps cannot be opened and closed with one hand, they should not be worn. Some flaps attach with Velcro, while others use snaps. The panels should easily open and close for the best results.

Choosing a nursing bra does not have to be overly difficult, if a woman looks for the above. Taking time to research the options and learning as much as possible will help women to make the right choice. A nursing bra should cradle the breasts in comfort and can help to prevent sagging later. The right nursing bra should feel comfortable enough to sleep in and should contain the full support a woman’s breasts need as they change in size throughout nursing.

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