The Right SPA Choices As Per The Requirement

This massage is a natural form of pain management that is used in Tibetan medicine. It focuses on releasing muscle tension and blockages in energy flow. It is often combined with manual therapy. You can even expect the spine and hip plates to be adjusted. Unless you decide on a therapeutic Tibetan massage, because it focuses on specific sections of the body that show pathological changes, another variation is the Tibetan relaxing massage. It is a general therapy, relieving tension, without a precise diagnosis. There will also be pressure on specific points responsible for the nervous system, muscular system, etc. It is not pleasant, but it is really effective.

For whom: Massage techniques help fight various ailments, eliminate tension headaches and increased heart rate, reduce or stop bleeding, relieve sciatica and lumbar pain, regulate menstruation, reduce frequent urination, hiccups, eliminate constipation.

Not sure what type of massage to choose? Do not panic. At the massage center, the massages are always personalized. The massage therapists are trained in several approaches and skillfully combine them to meet your needs. Your story is unique, your massage will be too.

Thai massage

The premise of Thai massage is to restore the proper flow of energy in the body. The masseur does this by working along power lines called Sen. Acupressure and controlled stretching are also used. All this is there so that the body heals faster. The therapist will flex the body in various positions and massage the muscles. This massage with a long tradition dating back to 500 BC The session can last from 1 to 3 hours.

For whom: For people who are looking for relaxation in a tense body. Perfectly reduces the stiffness of muscles and joints of the whole body.

Abhyanga massage

Derived from the Ayurvedic tradition, Abhyanga is also a full body massage (including face and head). The masseur is very thorough. Each part of the body is massaged separately. The movements are quite dynamic and deep. Elements of stretching arms and legs are also very characteristic. The massage is quite intense, but it certainly gives you a feeling of relaxation. With the family weekend spa  you can find the best deals now.

Who is it for: For those who want to stimulate energy, relax, reduce muscle tension and improve their mood.

Shiatsu massage

It’s a massage that comes from Japan. It literally means “finger pressure” and consists in compressing selected parts of the body. The goal is to unlock energy that cannot find an outlet. Massage is about restoring Qi balance by affecting the arrangement of energy pathways (called meridians). The massage is rather gentle, and the therapist uses not only his fingers, but also his whole hands. Stretches, performs abduction and rotational movements of the joints. During the massage, one stays in loose clothing and lies on the mat. The session lasts about 1 hour.

For whom: it is intended primarily for people who are stressed and with weakened body immunity. The massage is also recommended for people with migraines and digestive and respiratory disorders.

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