The Fine Solutions for the best Mens Wallets

It is the essential companion of any man, the wallet is present in our bags, our pockets of jeans, shirt or jacket almost since our entry into college, so much so that it has become over the years a part of our personality and it is often a heartbreaking farewell to which we have the right when the time comes to change our portfolio.

However, we all go through this stage several times in our life and then the time comes to ask the right questions to adopt a new companion who will be faithful to us for several years at least we hope so. Choosing your portfolio is above all to take stock of your style and that is why the task is often much more difficult than it seems. The use for the mens camo wallet  happens to be quite effective now. Whether you want to assert or change your style, here are 5 tips for choosing your portfolio:

Short or long relationship?

Like an ex that we regret, her first portfolio always leaves a memory and her replacement must be up to par to not end up in the trash (become the famous “secondary portfolio” which contains a photo ID of the school, a student card and a loyalty card at the local kebab). It is well known, if it is for one evening, the man is often much less looking than if it is for life. Your choice will then depend on the relationship you intend to establish with your portfolio. Do not skimp on the budget if you need a portfolio that you do not plan to change in your old age.

Real fashion accessory just like your pairs of shoes, you can completely consider having a collection of wallets which will be alternated according to your moods, your different styles or even different seasons. In this case, no limit to creativity, from the simplest to the most eccentric, treat yourself, but watch out for the addition which can quickly go up.

Where do you want to carry it (bag, pockets)?

What do you want to put in (cards, tickets, coins)? How much do you plan to put in it? Whether you are the type to keep all your Carte Bleue tickets, your loyalty cards and have 3kg of yellow coins in reserve or you only go out with the triptych CB / Identity card / Driver’s license, you will necessarily find a wallet in your pocket. These questions may seem basic but remain crucial in order to choose the format that suits your needs.

What form?

Most of the wallets sold are in “European” format (11 x 15 to accommodate a € 500 note without folding it) but the “Italian” format (format 11 x 9 cm) is becoming more and more common. There are also square wallets, wallets that can accommodate a checkbook (very old-school). The round and oval shapes are often reserved for purses.

Before determining the format you want to acquire, several parameters must be taken into account. They are closely linked to the use you intend to make of your portfolio

What design?

From the previous point, the answer to this question will allow you to eliminate many candidates. The question remains obviously subjective. Here we can distinguish the outside from the inside. For the second point, followers of minimalist models can opt for united wallets containing only few card slots and without dedicated coin pocket. Conversely, the greediest will opt for a 5-flap model (maximum size) that can accommodate photos of the whole family or even interiors printed with the motif of their choice.

grisbi blue wallet heater

Blue heating wallets handcrafted in France

€ 90 at Bleu de Chauffe

il bussetto wallets

Italian craftsmanship with this Il Bussetto wallet.

99 € at Menlook

Regarding the exterior aspect, there are still many models here with a sleek design with little more than an embossed brand logo like others with a more vintage look. Special features can also create this little more practical and aesthetic that will make one model or another your favorite. Here we quote the zips, snaps and elastic which are the most common.

What material ?

This is important for the life of your portfolio. As in any fashion piece, the materials are available as desired on this accessory. As you can imagine, certain compositions will increase the price of the object of your desires if they are made in luxurious materials. At the bottom of the scale we find plastic, fabric, nylon, synthetic leather, then wool and finally leather. As in any piece of leather goods, the price will increase depending on the animal from which it comes.

Montblanc wallet

Joe has had the same for over 10 years, he is still impeccable!

330 € at Amazon

Again, the material you choose will depend on several things. In particular the use you will make of your wallet, your budget and the lifespan you hope for it. Did Indiana Jones go on a mission with a plastic Hello Kitty wallet? No ! Well, it’s the same for you. If you are a fan of the wallet in your back pocket and it often drags negligently on bar (or box) tables, prefer a robust model, in thick leather not necessarily of first quality which will resist time and stains. If you are a follower of the discreet wallet housed in a jacket or a front pocket, there are models of limited size and made in distinguished materials.

want the essential wallets

A card holder with the atypical shape of the Canadians Want the Essentials of life.

110 € at Mr Porter’s

What color ?

On this side, it’s up to you, there is everything, at all prices, with patterns, reliefs, or even rhinestones for the craziest, the important thing is that the wallet looks like you and that you are not ashamed to take it out;)

Ogon wallet

Fantasy and robustness in one wallet!

€ 48.99 at Menlook

You will understand, it is very hard to choose a portfolio since it must reflect the personality of its user. But if you manage to answer these 5 questions, you are not far from having found the wallet of your life (and being able to help the person who will offer it to you.

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