Some of the features of Contact lenses

Contact lenses for dry eyes-

If your eyes are dry and if that makes you feel uncomfortable, then you have the right option of choosing these contact lenses. These lenses are soft and do not irritate eyes and are specially made to reduce the effect of dry eyes symptoms.

Bifocal contact lenses for astigmatism-

These bifocal lenses are soft contact lenses that are useful for the correction of both astigmatisms as well as presbyopia so that you are free from spectacles even after the tender age of 40.

Coloured contact lenses-

As the name suggests, the contact lenses have different colour variations variety that can be worn without any benefit of curing your eyes of any vision issue. These are worn by women who want to look more appealing by changing the colour of their eye lens. There are various colours like red contact lenses, blue contact lenses, green contact lenses, and so on. You can get your contact lenses customized too.

Special effect lenses-

These are also called as theatrical lenses or novelty lenses or costume lenses. These special effect lenses add colouration a step further than the previous ones by making you look like a cat. You can also choose to look like a vampire or any other character that you may be having a liking for.

Prosthetic Lenses-

These are coloured contact lenses which can also be used for medically oriented purposes. If a person who has a vision problem like myopia or hypermetropia and still wants to put on the coloured contact lenses, then prosthetic lenses comes to the rescue. As these are the only lenses which have a medical cure and does the work of coloured lenses. You can also get your own lenses custom made for any disfigurement if you have in your eye.

Custom Lenses-

If for any reason, the conventional contact lenses which you have been buying do not work out for your medical purpose, then you will have to go for these custom lenses. Custom lenses note down all of your needs and requirement that you need for your eye and design the lens in the manner you are comfortable with.

UV Inhibiting Lens-

These are soft contact lenses which help in the protection of your eyes from the sun’s UV rays (Ultraviolet rays) that can cause cataract in your eyes which is the formation of clouds in front of your vision. You should always wear UV protected sunglasses for the best possible protection of your eyes from the UV rays.

Scleral Lenses-

These lenses have a large diameter and are thus big in size compared to normal contact lenses. These lenses are gas permeable lenses and are specially designed to treat special defects like keratoconus and other irregularities. These scleral lenses also help in curing presbyopia.

Myopia control contacts-

These special lenses are usually developed to slow or nearly stop the progression of myopia which is known as short-sightedness in children. In this, you are able to see things which are close by to you and can’t clearly see the objects far away.

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