We all love to get a bobblehead doll in our collection as it looks so beautiful The modern bobblehead doll can be made by both ceramic and plastic. Whereas in older times they were made with clay. The buddha statue was the most commonly used bobblehead doll and also in the southern part of India where the bobbleheaddolls were very popular which can be seen in temple shops. The present bobblehead doll is made up of two materials just the head and the body part. where the head material is not rugged and the body part is made of the rugged hard modern times custom bobblehead is available


The bobblehead went out to be craze during the  80s.The creation of the baseball team bobblehead brought out to be the first revolution creation of these toys. They gained the attention of many baseball lovers and people around the world.In the year the tbs talk show created a bobblehead so big that it is the biggest one till the recent times.By 90s bobblehead was created on animals,favorite cartoons,comics, and many others.Bobblehead has been famous since its has become a trend after the MTV show.


Bobblehead dolls are made with solid

  • Durable plastic
  • Polyresin
  • Flocked material

The most commonly used material for customized bobblehead is raisin, was the detail scan be made accurate and can be easily made and plastic bobblehead is made into mold bust it can be made with wood, ceramic and also plastic and the end of the head a spring is attached for easy movement of the head to attach the spring to the body and anchor Is attached. While the bobblehead body is made stable and hard material. When attached to the body the head alone moves decorations and vibrant colors are added to make the doll more attractive

The flocked one is covered by a cloth and thick fur to make come more animate and attractive.customised bobblehead dolls in animals are very trendy as looks very attractive and loved by kids. At recent the personalized bobbleheads are available both on shops and get the customized doll you need to choose your body type from the options and the foremost is choosing up the best artist you could deliver a good result,you can also choose the color and the type of dress and also the background details of the doll.The completion of the doll takes one week a done it would be delivered to you if you have booked online.

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