Greater Choices for the Best Onesies

The onesie is for the man what the little black dress is for the woman. One cannot imagine a male wardrobe without the man onesie. The choice of the latter must therefore be carefully considered. We give you today some tips to find a trendy onesie that will meet your expectations. In case of the Georgia Bulldogs Onesies the choice is the best here.

The perfect material for a men’s onesie

You will find on the market men’s onesies made of different materials. But, we advise for reasons of quality and well-being to favor the 100% cotton. It is more practical and allows the skin to breathe. Therefore, this material is a perfect option for men who sweat. In summer, we can bet on linen for its very light appearance. Only cotton and linen are likely to wrinkle quickly. For this purpose, there are blends of cotton and synthetic providing easier ironing. But, the best alternative to simplify your life and still be chic and elegant is to buy a onesie without ironing.

The quality of the onesie men is easily identified with the label. If you’re looking for the best quality men’s onesie, we recommend you choose the double-twisted or even triple-twisted labels for the more daring. Their more elaborate seam offers onesies of greater strength and excellent flexibility.

Men’s onesie: which color to choose?

  • The white onesie is the basics of the basics, a very precious classic in the male wardrobe. It fits everything and promotes a perfect matching onesie / tie / suit. With the white onesie, you are safe from any lack of taste.
  • The second top of the men’s onesie colors is blue. In addition, he is very loved by men. It is a no-limit color that can be worn by everyone.
  • The top 3 is the rose. This highly appreciated color gives all its beauty to the onesie as well as to the one who wears it.

Here are two tips to choose the color of the onesie for men:

  • Avoid light colors for men with rather pale skin and hair.
  • Choose the colors according to the complexion and the hair of gentleman.

The choice of patterns for men’s onesie

A men’s onesie with patterns affirms the personality. The patterns provide some textural effects that bring the outfit a touch of originality and charm. When they are fine, they are more chic. we advise you to choose the smallest possible. Tiles and scratches are the must. Be careful not to choose too many colors, because it makes the onesie less dressed, and then you will have trouble to match it with the tie and / or the suit.

The neck of the onesie for men

The collar of the onesie is chosen according to the morphology of the gentleman’s neck. We distinguish the right collar. It is recognized by its downward-pointing tips held and supported by a whale for added strength. The right collar is perfect for a suit without a tie. Only he is not the best choice if the man has a long face.

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