Common Questions Answered about a Bridesmaid’s Expenses

A bridesmaid’s role is already complicated with all the duties and expectations on top of that most bridesmaids are expected to pay for their bridesmaid dress and shoes and also pitch in to bear the expenses of the bachelorette party. Being a part of someone else’s wedding can be an awkward and expensive affair. To make this experience easier, we have answered a few most commonly asked questions about the bridesmaid’s expenses.

Who Pays for the Bridesmaid’s Dress?

In most cases, the bridesmaid is expected to pay for the dress the bride picks for her. If the bride is very generous, she may offer to pay for the dress.

How Should I Agree to Pay for the Bridesmaid Dress?

The cost of a bridesmaid dress is about $150-200 on an average but there is no upper limit to it. If the bridesmaids’ group can afford more, then a bride may go as high as $500. Online wedding shopping websites such as gives you a wide selection of elegant bridesmaid dresses in different price ranges at heavy discounts. You need to define your budget comfort zone before the bride picks a dress for the bridesmaids.

Who Pays for the Shoes and Accessories?

Bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own shoes and accessories. Shoe selection is not so important for many brides so you can wear your own shoe in which you feel comfortable and the one which goes with the outfit. You need not buy one if you already have a shoe which matches along with the dress. If the bride wants you to wear matching shoes, you will need to buy that at your own expense as you will be keeping it. If she prefers you to wear matching accessories, then that she may be willing to gift her bridesmaids.

Who pays for the Bridesmaid’s Hair and Makeup on the Wedding day?

There is no hard and fast rule here, the bride may cover the expense of makeup and hair of her bridesmaids if she has the budget to do so else the bridesmaids are expected to arrange their own stylist. Modern girls prefer to do their own makeup so you can opt for that option as well if a stylist is going out of the budget.

Does a Bridesmaid Need to Get a Bridal Shower Gift?

Yes, a bridesmaid is expected to pitch in for organizing a bridal shower and also getting the bride a gift, but it is not mandatory. Also, if you are low on cash, you can always get the bride something small, meaningful or symbolic.

Who Covers the Expenses of Bachelorette Party?

The bridesmaids cover the expenses of the bachelorette party. They cover expenses for themselves as well as the bride. If the bride plans a destination bachelorette party, then the bridesmaids only cover the expenses of the evening and rest is taken care of by the bride.

Do the Bridesmaids give an Engagement and a Wedding Gift?

Yes, bridesmaids are expected to give engagement and wedding gifts. You do not have to get an individual gift, instead, as a group, all the bridesmaids can contribute and get a nice gift for the bride.

What Cost Does the Bride Cover for the Bridesmaids?

The bride covers for all the transportation for various meetings, dress fittings and to and fro from the wedding venue. The bride also covers for the bouquets. The brides are also expected to give a gift to her bridesmaids. She may also pay for your hair and makeup, hotel accommodation and if she is generous, for your dresses as well.

Being a bridesmaid can become an expensive affair if you do not know when to say no. If it is not within your budget, you can polity refuse to be a bridesmaid and instead be a guest at the wedding and if you agree to become a bridesmaid, still you can say no to the expenditures you are not comfortable with, the bride is your friends after all and she definitely will understand.

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