All Essential Arrangements for The Subwoofer Box Now

So, here are some tips for car audio equipment. Learn a little more about the features and functions of each before choosing the best one for your needs.

  1. Audio crossover

Audio crossover is nothing more than a frequency separator. But how does crossover do this? The sound system is composed of low, medium and high frequencies. A speaker sound system, for example, plays at low frequency. The frequency system ranges from 20 hertz to 20 kilo-hertz, and these frequency measurement units measure radio waves, i.e. electromagnetic radiation.

Thus, in sound systems, each element that produces sound does so at a specific frequency that performs better. The speaker generates low frequency sound, mid frequency horns, and high frequency tweeter. Each manufacturer specifies the best frequency performance the equipment can play.

Thus, the crossover determines the best frequency for each device, i.e. it is responsible for ringing the specific frequency in each device. The subwoofer box is important there.

For example, if the manufacturer indicates that the speaker can play from 50 to 200 hertz, the crossover will help direct it to only sound at that frequency. This prevents it from working at 20 Hz, as in this case there is a risk of damaging and burning the speaker, causing it to even stop working.

There are many manufacturers on the market, so this crossover control is variable. It determines which frequency range the devices will play, emitting sounds only at that frequency. Crossover is a very important part of maintaining the sound system’s quality, safety and proper functioning.

  1. Processor

Processors perform the same function as crossover but perform it with digital processing, that is, more advanced. Processors, as its name implies, do digital signal processing by performing the functions described below.

The equalizer function is about being able to give more or less emphasis to a certain frequency of sound. For example, if the audio frequency of a given automotive sound can range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, and you need to emphasize 60 Hz, the processor makes this adjustment.

This makes the frequency of the sound system more or less evident, improving the quality of the music being transmitted. Funk, for example, is a song that plays mostly on bass. The average frequency is equivalent to the sound of the voice itself, while the high is the high.

It is also worth mentioning that frequency is the way the ear perceives the audio emitted in the environment. It is the perception of hearing, that is, it is the radio wave emitted to the listener.

Music or any other audio, everything you hear has a way of vibrating the air. Sounds generate vibrations, and this sensitizes the ear to propagation. The speed at which this vibration happens makes you perceive sounds differently, with greater or lesser pressure. Therefore, the function of processors is to improve audio quality.

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