Superstars We’d Love to See Pitching Sunglasses

Have you ever noticed that a superstar model or athlete sporting a particular brand of sunglasses can be enough to start a trend? Eyewear designers know this, which is why they court celebrities to wear their sunglasses. From the Kardashians to major-league baseball players, celebrity image sells.

In light of that, there are a number of A-list of superstars who would make perfect pitchmen (or women, as the case might be) for fashion sunglasses. The hardest part, according to Utah-based Olympic Eyewear, would be convincing them to get on board.


Tom Brady (NFL Quarterback)

There may not be another NFL player more visible these days than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Love him or hate him, there’s no doubt Brady will end up in the pro football Hall of Fame the first year he is eligible. His star power is unquestioned.

Brady doesn’t necessarily have a specific look that would make him a good pitchman for sunglasses. But he doesn’t need one. All he would have to do is agree to pitch a particular brand and legions of Patriot fans would dutifully buy it. Add Brady’s signature on the frame and you have a virtual gold mine.

Rihanna (Singer)

Barbadian singer, dancer, and songwriter Rihanna hit the ground running when she first started singing as a teenager. Her talents in both music and acting are evident. But she’s also a very successful businesswoman too. Her combination of business sense and stunning good looks would be perfect for promoting an eyewear brand.

It doesn’t hurt that Rihanna has an oval-shaped face and overall look that exudes elegance. The right sunglasses would really shine on her. No doubt her loyal fans would follow in her footsteps.

Kendall Jenner (Model)

According to The Balance Careers, Kendall Jenner boasts 40 million social media followers. On the date it was announced that she would be the new front lady for Estée Lauder, the company’s Instagram account gained 50,000 followers. What more is there to say? Whatever she endorses sells. It is that simple.

Johnny Depp (Actor)

Despite his off-screen troubles, Johnny Depp still commands attention at the box office. He has a certain ‘bad guy’ attitude about him as well. He would be the perfect pitchman for a brand aimed at men who consider themselves rough, tough, and able to tackle the world.

At the same time, Depp continues to be a hit with the ladies. Why does this matter? Because ladies who find him attractive are more likely to buy sunglasses he’s pitching for their own guys. It is all about association.

Any Disney Character

It seems like Disney has the Midas touch when it comes to developing animated film characters that go on to be brands in and of themselves. Can you say Elsa and Anna? With that in mind, just about any Disney character could probably crush it as a pitchman or woman for sunglasses.

The thing about Disney characters is that they are so likable. Even the villains are a celebrated part of Disney fandom. Pick any of the characters you’re familiar with and picture them wearing a pair of shades in advertisements and social media posts. Parents and kids who identify with those characters would instantly be smitten.

There is little doubt that celebrities influence how we see the world. They also influence our purchase decisions. If they didn’t, marketers wouldn’t try so hard to get celebrity endorsements. It would be interesting to see what would happen if any of the superstars mentioned in this post could be convinced to pitch a new brand of sunglasses.

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