2019 Ultimate Tutorial: How To Make A Wedding Hair Comb in 8 steps?

It’s important to handmade designer for prepare wedding hair combs.

The styles square measure often tortuous and may be quite dear to shop for at retail, therefore you’ll save cash by creating your own. during this tutorial, you may learn the way to form your own crystal hair comb by wiring and gluing a spread of gildings.

How to find flexible wedding hair combs updo hairstyle

Let’s start.The prepare accessory list;

Step 1. First, let’s create the pearl picks by cutting a bit of wire, threading your pearl thereon, securing it on the center and twisting the wire to make the decide itself. you’ll need to create some of those to fill the gaps for your DIY bridal hair comb.

Step 2. take away the nylon filament from the crystal flower accent by actuation thereon with a try of flat-nose pliers.

Step 3. Attach the crystal flowers by wedging it between the teeth of the hair comb. you will value more highly to adhere this with glue currently, or wait till you’ve got all of your components in situ (in case you wish to maneuver them around). I waited till I’ve organized mine – it had been pretty secure even while not adhering.

Step 4. Attach your main piece (in my case the gold magnetic brooch). Again, you’ll be able to value more highly to adhere this currently, or wait till anon.

Step 5. Attach the smaller crystal accents – tie them into a knot to secure them in situ. I used a complete of 3 for mine, however you’ll be able to use additional or less betting on your preference.

Step 6. Now, you’ll need to connect your pearl picks (the product from the primary step). Fill the gaps in, and secure them in situ by twisting the wire underneath the pearl wherever it’s not seen.

Step 7. Use further pearls to fill in holes in your style. you’ll be able to use smaller or larger pearls to get additional interest. Use E-6000 or alternative sturdy adhesive to stick them onto the DIY bridal hair comb, and look ahead to it to dry.

Step 8. Finally, squeeze a generous quantity of hot glue onto the rear of the hair comb to secure the weather in situ moreover on cushion your hair/head from the wire and loose filaments. look ahead to that to dry and your DIY bridal hair comb is done!

I hope you enjoy my make wedding hair comb step,what did you think of tutorial,if you have more advice,leave quick comments or share it.

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