10 interesting facts about ancient Egyptian sculpture to buy online

The ancient Egyptian sculpture dates back to 3000 BC and it is there to provide people with knowledge about the past Egyptian belief systems and the social-economic structures. It also developed a wide range of different monuments and architectural structures right from the temples all through the pyramids that are still popular tourist attractions these days. But then, how much knowledge or rather understanding do you have about the ancient Egyptian sculpture?

By learning different ancient Egyptian sculpture facts, you would have been at a better place to know the different types of clothing, job, makeup and also painting that the past Egyptians liked most The ancient Egyptian art originated back in 3000 BC, their art majorly acquiring great influence by the religion of the land.

The pharaoh tombs that were inside the pyramids were filled with painting more often. Right at the palace and temple, you will have a chance to see different statues and sculptures. To have more on this topic, herein are ten interesting facts you should know about the ancient Egyptian sculpture;

The painting:

The Egyptian sculpture painting used some dominant colors at large. Such colors are gold, black, blue, green and red. You will find most Egyptian sculpture paintings to this time long since they are saved right by the dry climate.


In the Egyptian land, the pharaoh was all through considered as a god, this is why you would find many Egyptian art sculptures using pharaoh as the key subject. 

More about inside the tomb:

You will be able to see some small carved models right inside pharaoh’s tomb. All these carved models are in the form of slaves, animals, buildings and the boat. The reason behind the carved models in the temple is the people’s belief that the dead needed all these afterlives.

The Egyptian sculpture is hidden in the tomb: 

Right at the tombs, you will find different Egyptian sculptures and other expensive items there. Most of these are items that had been stolen a thousand years back by the thieves.

Giant works of the Egyptian sculptures: 

Almost all Egyptian sculptures that were crafted by the Egyptian people came in big giant figures. To prove this, you can check right from the popular Abu Simbel temple that is the home of the gigantic Ramses II statues, with a height going up to sixty feet high. You can also check out Sphinx of Giza Egyptian sculpture that has a length of more than two hundred and forty feet.

The materials they used: 

Different materials were used by the ancient Egyptian people to come up with these big and smaller statues. The materials used include limestone, alabaster, solid gold, wood gilded with gold and ivory.

More about the funerary mask:

Among the popular Egyptian art is the Tutankhamen funerary mask that is made of only solid gold measuring twenty-four pounds. This is actually the precious stone that long time back used to color the collar as the stripe of the headdress was colored by the blue glass.

Predynastic Egypt:

With this, we will learn the forms in which the Egyptian artworks were made. The artworks during Predynastic Egypt were created in the form of ivory carving, pottery, slate cosmetic palette, painted figure and also the flint weapon.

More about the Old Kingdom 

The Old kingdom ended some times in 2181 BC right from its start times in 2686 BC. This stylistic convention was used by the Egyptian people for their artwork. The Old Kingdom addressed fully the formality of Egyptian art. Only one eye was visible and at the profile was the head. The Old Kingdom also depicted right the shoulders that faced to the front.

Representations of gods:

For this, their representation came along in two forms.The human head was with the crown and the headdresses. The other form of representation was the animal head that was referred to as the human hybrid.


These are some interesting facts about the ancient Egyptian sculpture you should know. All their sculptures depict right the beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people at large. All the Egyptian sculptures are up to this time as part of the attraction and they are considered a lot by many people all over the world. 

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